Queensland Laser Vision

Lens Surgery


Never worn glasses – but ageing eyes means you need glasses to read, drive or watch TV?

Lens replacement surgery could be the answer to you enjoying the simple things without glasses, and allow you to look and be as young as you feel.

The natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced by an artificial one. This procedure is best suited to people over 45 years of age who experience difficulty reading small print. The vision up close and in the distance can be corrected.


This procedure is a great alternative for people with a high prescription not suitable for Laser eye surgery. If you are tired of heavy glasses this procedure will liberate you and give you a new life to explore without being held back by your vision.


Feel like the fog has lifted…

Quite often, people don’t know how bad their vision has gotten due to cataracts. This is the most performed elective surgery procedure in Australia. Don’t wait to get the life you want.