Queensland Laser Vision


Procedure Costs

To keep things simple – all Laser procedures performed at Queensland Laser Vision are $2,800 per eye. 

This price includes:

  • Assessment
  • Consultation with your specialist surgeon
  • Surgery
  • Post operative pack
  • All post-operative visits (routinely for 12 months and any additional required)
  • Follow up treatment, if required

The only additional cost you may incur are lubricant drops if you require more than supplied. These are available at cost price.

There are no additional fees for your assessment or Doctor’s consultation.


Payment Plans

We offer interest free payment plans with flexible terms with MyHealthCare Payment Plans.  This does not involve credit checks or signing up for credit cards. On surgery day you pay for one eye upfront and the remainder is paid later. The only requirements necessary are that you are employed and an Australian Citizen.

Simply present a photographic ID and complete a direct debit authority for a maximum term of 12 months (application fee applies).

Want a longer payment term, or less upfront?

For those who would like a minimal upfront payment – we offer finance plans through Medipay.

Private Health Insurance Rebate and Medicare

Medicare and most private health insurers consider Laser refractive surgery as ‘cosmetic’, so no rebate applies.


Queensland Laser Vision is a preferred supplier of BUPA Ultimate’s level of cover. If you hold this policy, and have served your applicable waiting period – your surgery will 100% be covered.*

Health Fund Level of Cover Rebate Amount Waiting Period Limit
BUPA Ultimate Health Cover 100% (by fund recognised provider) 36 months N/A
Medibank Gold Ultra Health $3,500 36 months $3,500 lifetime limit
AHM Lifestyle Extras or Super Extras $600 per eye per person 24 months $1,200 per financial year
Defence Health Premier Extras $1,500 12 months $1,500 per person every 2 financial years
Navy Health Premium Extras $1,500 12 months One service every 2 rolling years
Police Health Gold Combined Approx. $800 per eye 36 months $1,600 lifetime limit
Peoplecare Premium Hospital with Comprehensive Extras $500 per eye 24 months $500 per person every 2 years
TUH Gold Ultimate Choice $800 per eye 24 months $1,600 per year
Doctors Health Fund Total Extras $800 per eye 12 months $1,600 per person every 5 years

*Eligibility with your individual insurer should always be verified.