Queensland Laser Vision

What We Do

What we do….

Our speciality is Laser eye surgery, but we also perform measurements and provide pathways for Lens, Cataract and ICL surgeries. By choosing to only perform Laser eye surgery at our clinic, we have the unique position of being able to focus on this speciality area and provide you options that really work.

How we do it better…

Did you know that no two eyes are the same? Every procedure is customised to each and every eye to ensure you have the best possible outcome.
Our team take the time to explain and address any concerns you may have, follow you through from your initial appointment, surgery and all of your post-op appointments. We love providing this personalised service and hearing each visit how much you are enjoying your new visual freedom.

Our surgeons and team are constantly learning and reviewing national and international technology and peer data. Our mission has always been to provide the safest, proven technology for you to achieve optimal results. The NIDEK Quest M2 Laser that we use has unique parameters that enhance the quality of the vision achieved after surgery. The laser ablation profile, repetition rate, pulse frequency, ultrahigh speed eye tracker and real-time torsion error correction provide the best surgical option for your eyes.

We have purposely remained a boutique clinic servicing Queensland and interstate patients who want the best for their eyes. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer personalised service that follows your visual freedom from your initial contact. Trust your eyes with Queensland’s first Laser eye surgeons.



We have been performing Laser eye surgery at Queensland Laser Vision for over 29 years and we are very good at what we do.

Imagine waking up and seeing with 20/20 vision! No fumbling for glasses or fussing with contact lenses. Do your gym workouts, yoga class, walk the dog or swim with your children without your eyesight holding you back. Gain your sense of freedom and accomplish your goals with visual clarity.



No cutting, no flap.

PRK is the safest Laser procedure and it has the least risks both during the surgical procedure and long term. PRK is suitable for more eyes and is designed especially for active lifestyles and the adventure seekers.


A flap is cut into the eye and the laser applied to the interface. The flap remains forever and can be reopened with injury.

Trans PRK

No cutting, no flap. Based on averaging and less accurate than regular PRK.


No flap, a different type of laser that cuts a thin sliver which is manually dissected. Not suited for low prescriptions and astigmatism. Machine and surgeon dependent for reliable results.


Our surgeons are committed to giving you the best and safest outcome.