What we do


Laser surgery to get rid of glasses and contact lenses.

What we do….

QLV specialises in a revolutionary procedure: Surface LASIK.

It is a flap free, blade free, biomechanically superior surgery, the safest laser eye surgery in the world.

A much higher percentage of people are suitable for this procedure than traditional LASIK and SMILE.

Why we do it…

The biomechanical strength of the eye is unchanged following surgery; this means that the cornea is not weakened structurally. Any blow to the eye or other type of eye injury can be treated exactly the same as if the eye had never had surgery. No other type of laser refractive eye surgery can offer the same reassurance.

How we do it better…

Every procedure is individually customised to each and every eye. No two eyes are the same and customised treatment ensures the best possible outcome. The NIDEK Quest Laser that we use has unique parameters that enhance the quality of the vision achieved after surgery. The laser ablation profiles, repetition rate and pulse frequency make previous complications, such as haloes and haze, a thing of the past.

For you…

The surgery takes about 10 minutes per eye. Some of the eye drops we use may sting, though no more than sweat in the eye. 

It is recommended to have 3 days of rest afterwards.  You may need to have 4-5 days off work.

Your next step…

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