Our Technology


Combining excellence in patient care and state-of-the-art technology

Nidek Quest Excimer Laser

This ultimate laser platform provides highly reproducible and reliable results with active torsion error control and advanced 1000 Hertz eye tracking system. The software integrates individual measurements from the OPD111 scan to customize treatment for every eye, thus ensuring optimum outcomes for every patient. 

Nidek OPD-Scan 111

Multiple simultaneous measurement of: Refraction, Topography, Aberrometry, Pupillometry and Keratometry in less than 1 second.  

The principles of dynamic skiascopy over 2,520 data points and Placido ring capture of 11,880 measurement points allows for highly accurate and reliable results.


Oculus Pentacam HR


Using the rotating Scheimpflug principle 138,000 points are measured in 2 seconds giving a 3D image of the eye. These images allow accurate evaluation of corneal pachymetry and geometry thus improving safety and efficacy of assessment results and ultimately surgical outcome.