Wear Glasses To Read

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Wearing reading glasses means you may be more likely suited for lens replacement surgery. We’ll do a thorough assessment to determine what options are best for you.

 Lens Replacement Surgery

The natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced by an artificial one.  This procedure is best suited to people over 45 years of age who experience difficulty reading small print.                                                  

The vision up close and in the distance can be corrected. 

For your assessment: 
• Allow 1 hour of your time
• Wear your glasses
• Leave your soft contact lenses out for at least 3-4 days prior
• Leave RGP/hard contacts/Ortho-K lenses out for at least 2-3 weeks prior
• Your pupils may be dilated – plan on not driving after the assessment
• Bring sunglasses: your eyes will be sensitive to the light and glare afterwards

During the assessment we use eye drops which will dilate your pupils. This effect can last up to 24 hours. Reading vision will be blurry for 3-4 hours. 

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