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Queensland Laser Vision - Myopia

Eye Conditions that we treat at Queensland Laser Vision

Shortsightedness or Nearsightedness

Is a refractive error or vision condition in which close objects are seen clearly but objects further away appear blurred. This occurs if the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature. Light entering the eye does not focus on the retina but in front of it.

Myopia usually occurs in school-aged children and progresses until about age 20. Distance objects like the black or white board at school or the television at home become increasingly out of focus. In high myopia, even near vision is affected and spectacles are worn at all times.

Low myopia usually describes myopia of -3.00 dioptres or less

Medium myopia usually describes myopia of between -3.00 and -6.00 dioptres

High myopia usually describes myopia of -6.00 or more dioptres

When the amount of myopia has stabilised, laser surgery is a very effective means of treatment.

Laser Vision options to correct Myopia:



Every day, many patients eliminate their dependency on glasses and contact lenses

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