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Is a refractive error which causes vision to be blurred or distorted at all distances. This occurs when the cornea is irregularly shaped. Instead of having a symmetrically round shape (like a tennis ball), it is shaped more like a football. One meridian being more curved than the other meridian at 90 degrees. Light fails to focus on a single point on the retina, instead it focuses in multiple planes either in front of or behind the retina.

Regular astigmatism is usually present from birth and is often detected at an early age. Common symptoms are squinting, eye strain and headaches after prolonged visual tasks.

Astigmatism is a very common condition affecting 1 in 3 people. Low amounts of astigmatism, less than 0.75 dioptres, are usually not symptomatic.

Irregular astigmatism can result from an eye injury or from certain eye diseases such as keratoconus.

Regular astigmatism can be corrected effectively by Laser Surgery.

Laser Vision options to correct Astigmatism:



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